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Green joys

Team of project "Little joys" tries to rejoice nature.

  • We have no office - all members of team work where it is convenient for them. So we do not spend extra resources for office life.
  • We try not to print extra documents and send them by email. For print we use an economical mode of printer, certified FSC™ paper and drafts. Used paper we hand over as waste paper (for recycling).
  • All our printed priducts (business cards, postcards, etc.) are printed on certified FSC™ paper with using mineral oil-free incs.
  • Our team sort trash and hand over it for recycling, try to use as little as possible plastic products (bags, packaging, etc.), and also use eco-cosmetics and household cleaning products.
  • Our site is located on a cloud hosting which is more eco-friendly than traditional hosting. It means that for work of site so many resources are used, how many are required at present, and no energy waste.
  • Work of site is accompanied by the isolation of large volume of CO2 into the atmosphere, so we decided to participate in reforestation works to compensate these emissions. Using project Maraquia we transfer funds for planting of trees.
  • All this - the conscious decisions supporting idea of a sustainable development.

    For experts: don't perceive this as a Greenwashing, we really do everything that we can make at the moment.

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